Zoey Lubitz is a curator and arts worker in New York. She is the co-director of the Center for Experimental Lectures with Gordon Hall, adjunct faculty in art history at Bard College at Simon's Rock, and works in the archives of Felix Gonzalez-Torres.


Rhea Dillon, The Black Fold on view at Kunstverein Kevin Space, Vienna.

Center for Experimental Lectures: Andrea Solstad and Vijay Masharani at Halle fur Kunst Luneburg

Notes from Video School working group at Queen's Museum, 2022.

Archive of the Center for Experimental Lectures on view at Haus Wien, 2021

Open Forum: Joseph Lubitz 1 November, 17:30, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, The Library.

Bangalore Flat at Home Sweet Home, Bangalore, 2—12 November 2019, Press Release, Text in PIX Magazine, and Exhibition Poster

Omnipresence at The Kitchen, 24 May—16 Jun 2018, Press Release and Images

Other Past Projects

California Ideology Reading Group at Wendy's Subway, Reading List

Vestiges in Greene Kilroy Metal Ceiling, August 2016


"Language analog for trans," Movement Research Performance Journal 60 (May 2024): pp 64-67.

"Bodies of work" in Worn Not, monograph of Rubén Grilo (Barcelona: Puente Editores, 2024)

K.R.M. Mooney in Artforum

Video School, On the Struggle for Justic in Education in New York City for Queens Museum's Year of Uncertainty

Catalogue essay for Nihaal Faizal, Special FX at Blueprint12, New Delhi

Carlos Reyes, Promesa at Soft Opening, London

"Art As Negotion: Jason Hirata Interviewed" in Bomb

"Jean-Luc Moulène: More or Less Bone at Sculpture Center" for Sam Korman's In Conclusion: A Review of Reviews

"Overture: A.K. Burns, Jason Hirata, Zoe Leonard, K.R.M. Mooney, Ulrike Mûller, Carissa Rodriguez, Alan Ruiz" in The Brooklyn Rail

"Gabo Camnitzer and Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco Aesthetic Behavior; Developmental Sequences" in The Brooklyn Rail

"Impasse—Escape" in Omnipresence Exhibition catalogue, edited by Benjamin R. Young (Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, New York: May, 2018).

"Library Stack Collection: Center for Experimental Lectures   Address Not Found"