Folly, or Vestiges in Greene

August 5th—9th, 12—6 pm

Alex Bienstock, Doris Guo, Gordon Hall, Jason Hirata, Brandon Ndife, Jonah Porter, and Jessica Vaughn

organized by William Jackson and Joseph Lubitz

The relocation of a light industrial sub-contracting company, Kilroy Architectural Windows, leaves 283 Greene Avenue unoccupied. The promise of proper permits for demolition reveals disuse as intermediate to liquidity and necessary for the property's accrual of value.

For six days sculptures punctuate two rooms, inhabiting surplus time as speculative fictions or historical artifacts. They work with the material conditions of this duration: little light, excess space, the affective dissonance associated with nostalgia and with gentrification, the logistical and architectural strategies indexed by the building, and above all, this extra moment in the August days before redevelopment.